'Portland House' at Portland Roads, Iron Range, Cape York, Australia

Should I visit only in the dry season?

Absolutely not, both the wet and dry seasons are fantastic at Portland Roads.  Many of our guests actually prefer the wet because there is more wildlife around and less people.

Is access a problem in the wet season?

Yes.  It is advisable to fly in from Cairns.  Portland House offers fly/drive packages.  Once here road access between Lockhart River Township and Portland Roads (half hour drive) is open all year.

What about alcohol restrictions?

You cannot bring alcohol into Iron Range airport by plane or take alcohol into Lockhart River.  However, if you let us know in advance, we can arrange whatever supplies you require.  If you are driving here you can bring your own supplies of alcohol.

What provisions are available, is there somewhere to eat out?

The Lockhart River Store has fuel and food supplies available all year round, dine out at our small, boutique seafood cafe/restaurant just next door, or ask about our in-house Portland House catering.

Can I be self-contained at Portland House?

Yes you have a full working kitchen, fridge, freezer and stove, as well as a Pizza Oven and BBQ.

What about internet and phone connection?

Internet is available at Portland House at a very reasonable cost.  Please note that Telstra mobile and 3G connectivity is available a couple of kilometres down the road.

Can someone show us the wildlife, and historical features of 'Portland Roads' and 'Iron Range'?

Yes, please ask.

How can I go fishing if I don't have a boat?

There are some great experiences to be had enjoying the fantastic shore based fishing at Portland Roads.  Especially during our so-called Autumn and Winter months.  Greg's tips on 'Tides' and 'Where' come with the house.

What about the wildlife? Are there any dangerous creatures to be concerned about?

Yes, but sensible precautions will keep you safe.  Part of the beauty and intrigue of Cape York includes iconic animals such as Saltwater Crocodiles and Sharks.  We can show you areas and best times to enjoy the Cape at minimal risk.  Incidentially our fantastic Green and Amethyst Pythons are harmless!

Should I book Portland House in advance, or can I just turn up?

It is essential to book Portland House because, as Cape York's premier accommodation, there are only limited vacancies.  We look forward to your booking.