Shore Based fishing at Portland Roads


From the start of the south-easterly trade winds in April, right through to September, some of the best shore-based fishing you will find is within a short walk of Portland House.

Just in front of the house on full tide, Trevally, Queen Fish, Mangrove Jack and (sometimes) Barra chop into the large schools of Hardie Heads in the shallows of the bay. The bay is protected from the wind, so even in the strongest of winds, this shoreline is ideal for the beginner or challenging to the experienced sports fisher (Lure, Soft plastics or Fly). 

A couple of hundred meters away down at "the Point", and along the shoreline to the east of "the Point" wear your reef walkers to experience a different world of shore-based fishing in shallow waters just offshore; add Coral Trout to your catch list.

Local knowledge and best tides to fish are important if that 'keeper' is to come home for the Barbie. If you are keen on you fishing, a few days either way when making your booking will make a big difference to your fishing experience. The best tides for the month and tips on how and where to fish are part of our service at Portland House. Check when you make your booking. 

There is no shop at Portland Roads so you must bring sufficient tackle. However, there are limited supplies at the Lockhart River Store. 





Exploring the Fringe Reef

On the low spring tides, you could collect black lipped oysters from the mangroves and see a painted cray fish in the rock pools. Bring a bait net to catch your own baitfish in the sea directly in front of Portland House.